A visual data.table cheat sheet

data.table is by far the fastest, most memory efficient, and most capable package for data transformation in R. Yet, some are discouraged from giving data.table a serious try due to the fact that its syntax can come across as somewhat esoteric.

In an effort to make data.table more accessible, I’ve created a cheat sheet in the visual style of recent RStudio cheat sheets. It contains what, in my experience, are the necessary data.table syntax and functions to know for solving the vast majority of data transformation problems.

data.table cheat sheet

RStudio are hosting the cheat sheet on their site and it can be downloaded directly here.

If you’re completely new to data.table, I suggest that you also have a look at the introductory guide on the data.table homepage.

This is a bit of a delayed blog post since the cheat sheet was actually uploaded back on August 21st. However, I recently upload a new version, filling in a few holes and hence this blog post.